• We Print Designs. You Get Paid.

    You enjoy running your own creative business: graphic designer, photographer, blogger. But what if you could increase profits without working more? You can by partnering with us through the Share the Love program!


Clients found their perfect designs but they still need a printer for their cards. Each time they use Prints of Love, you are paid for the hassle free introduction.

Collaborate With Prints of Love

Your creative business gives you the flexible lifestyle you enjoy. Why not get paid to help your clients find a trusted printer? You'll provide more value and increase your profits with no extra work! Want more? A tree is planted for every Share the Love order.

Referral Bonus

Help Your Clients

Plant Trees

We Do The Work


Prints of Love shares the love with you by paying a bonus on each order…simple as that! Your partner dashboard seamlessly tracks all your referral stats and payouts are automatically transferred to your account. No payout limits, no fees, no hassle.

The Share the Love program was built for independent designers and photographers!

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What is the Share the Love referral partner program?
An open collaboration between independent creatives and Prints of Love. You simply refer your clients or followers to print with us via a unique affiliate link takes them to the Upload & Print area. If they purchase printing, you get paid. Plus, a tree is planted for every Share the Love order through our partnership with OneTreePlanted.org

What’s my commitment? What does it cost?
This program requires little of you, the creative. Simply provide your clients with a link to our site and suggest they check us out. That’s it. You’re free to leave the Share the Love program at any time. There is no commitment and no cost to you.

Why should I use Prints of Love?

  1. Your client needs to print the design they just purchased.
  2. Prints of Love provides fast, high quality printing at affordable prices.
  3. We serve each client the way we would want to be treated.
  4. A tree is planted for each Share the Love order.

How do I become a “Share the Love Partner”?
You must register as an partner by answering a few questions and filling out the registration form here.

How long does it take to be approved?
It shouldn’t take more the 24 hours to be approved. But usually its really fast.

How does Prints of Love track my referrals?
When you join Share the Love, you will be assigned a unique URL that tracks all your referral traffic hassle-free. You then provide this link to your clients and you will be credited with each sale that uses that link to visit Prints of Love.

How do I prepare my artwork for print with Prints of Love?
Learn more here about preparing artwork for print.

Do you have samples?
Yes we have samples. Contact us to request samples..

What paper stock options do you provide?
We offer several premium card stocks:

  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Linen

Ok, I'm interested but what if I have additional questions?

That’s normal! Click here to tell us how to reach you and you’ll be contacted within a day or two. We would love to better understand your business and how we can help it grow.

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