Wedding Invitations that Grab their Attention

So, your Pinterest-perfect wedding timeline says you should send your wedding announcements in early December, great! Way to be on top of things. But chances are, the refrigerator in every household you’re inviting looks something like this:

cluttered fridge wedding invitation

At Prints of Love, we’re in the business of making your big day(s) easier – that’s weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, baby announcements – all of your milestones. We want your event to reflect your style, but sometimes external forces can put a damper on that: Gold glitter is not unique in December.

To counteract the distraction of the holidays, we’ve compiled some tips on how to stand out among  the clutter of 1,000 holiday cards. After all, you’re putting a lot of work into this wedding, and your nemesis from high school needs to know you’re getting married before she is!

#1) Select your colors boldly

You’re creating a custom design, so the world is your oyster! Your guests’ homes (and mailboxes) are going to be full of red, green, white, gold, blue, and silver. Do not add to the pile of red, green, white, gold, blue, and silver. It’s likely that your wedding colors are already chosen, so if you had a classic red, black, and white theme selected, turn up the volume on the black and white! Think through how to separate your theme from that of Christmas and the Holiday season, then take action with a smart design.

With the timeline we’re on right now, you’re probably working on a summer or fall wedding announcement. You can do incredible things with standard printing services with custom greeting card services. Bright colors like pink, orange, yellow, and magenta will catch your guests’ eyes and make them yearn for long summer days and a champagne toast to your fiancé making an honest woman out of you.

#2) Fonts are important

Two years ago when my colleagues selected an over-the-top cursive/calligraphy hybrid font for a new logo I said, “That’s not a timeless look. It’ll be over soon and everyone is using it, let’s do something else.” They didn’t listen to me, but maybe you will.

Pick a different font. Calligraphy is expected for both the holidays and a wedding – do something unique with your postcards! According to 99Designs (also an excellent resource if you’re looking for custom invitations or announcements and don’t want to design them yourself), the latest trends in fonts include geometric, handwritten, and vintage fonts. For more font-spiration and the latest trends for 2018 typography, visit their blog here.

#3) Grab their eye with simple minimalist designs

You can’t spell “the holidays” without “over-stimulation!” Wait…

Everything everywhere is going to be decorated with lights, glitter, foil, (tassels?), so class up your stationery with some minimalist designs and a good use of white space. You can do this by ditching the aforementioned larger fonts, shortening your copy, and removing design aspects that are pretty but distracting. Some other happy consequences of a minimalist design in your save the dates and invitations could include a minimalist wedding reception, which would save you time, money, and quite a bit of sanity! K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple, sweetheart!

#4) Personalize it

Here at Prints of Love, we print your custom stationery and send it straight to you. That means you could grab a pen and write a sweet, thoughtful note on the invitations before you send them out. Wouldn’t that make all your guests feel special? (Even your mother’s coworkers long lost cousin who you’re being forced to invite!) This way, you’re still getting the convenience of making cards online and the extra warm fuzzies of letting your guests know they, specifically, were on your mind. I’ve even seen brides more organized than I include photos in the envelopes of the bride, groom, and the guest when possible. (Inconclusive studies show a correlation between personalized invitations and bigger, better wedding gifts.)
personalized wedding invitation

#5) Boring envelopes are so 2017

First impressions are everything, so put your best foot forward with a unique envelope that stands out (don’t forget about the red, green, white, gold, blue, and silver rule!). Ideally, your guest will grab a pile of mail, shuffle through, and grab yours first. I like to use LCIPapers, because they have an extensive selection of envelopes from standard sizes and colors, unique stocks, side openings, and more. My favorite way to spruce up an envelope is with a liner, like these ones with glitter, patterns, solids, and foils. Unconventional envelope flaps are also much more exciting than they sound – find something with a unique die cut, an oversized flap, an opening on the right hand side, or even a creatively built self sealer. Another option is to seal your envelope in a fun way with stickers, custom made rubber stamps, or ribbons.

#6) Make your theme work for you, not the other way around

Instead of showcasing green vines around your invitation for your Hawaii beach wedding, through some bright tropical flowers and work in some watercolors like 99Designs recommended. Your vine idea is very pretty and trendy, but will get lost in a sea of garland. Keep the vines in the back of your mind until the holiday cards have been thrown away and incorporate them into other aspects of your big day.
Another note – you’re still in the beginning stages of your wedding planning and nothing is etched in stone. If your theme is proving to be difficult, let it adapt into something more doable. This can be anything from a difficult color scheme to match (turquoise is a killer!), an elaborate theme that will be expensive and hard to pull of elegantly, or one that your soon-to-be mother in law is vocal about hating. Make the easy changes now. You’ll want to save yourself as much stress as possible.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips for making your wedding invitations and announcements pop! Comment below with your own tips and tricks (or words of wisdom for other Brides to be). And, once you’re ready to start on your custom wedding invitations, take a look at our artwork guidelines to make sure they are set up perfectly!

Good luck on your big day from all of us here at Prints of Love!