Halloween Party Ideas To Die For – With Halloween Party Invitations

Are you thinking about hosting a Boo-tiful halloween party? Well you’ve come to the right place for some great halloween party ideas as well as some spooky halloween party invitations.

Hosting a Halloween Party

Halloween is the perfect time of year to throw get-togethers with friends and family. The weather is changing, the world is becoming a little more cozy (cuddle weather, am I right?), the food is great (chili, and bread bowls, and pumpkins, oh my!) and let’s not forget the costumes! Put all these things together, and people will be dying to come to your party (see what I did there..) But where do you start?

#1 Pick a Halloween Theme:

The first thing to do, is pick a Halloween party theme. There are so many options, but some always-popular Halloween party ideas include a costume party, haunted house/hotel, pirates, Harry Potter, masquerade, and my personal favorite, a murder mystery dinner. You should think about the details of the event, including whether or not you’ll want an adult halloween party or if you’ll want children to come. Do you have a special event you can combine with a halloween theme, like a halloween birthday party, halloween baby shower or even a halloween wedding

#2 Design the Halloween Party Invitations

Here at Prints of Love, we believe that designing the invitation is the most important part of every party planning process. The invitation completely sets the mood for the event. Do you remember a time you received an invite printed on copy paper with fading ink? Or an animated evite sent to your email? These were probably easily forgotten or tossed aside.

Now imagine a beautifully printed cardstock invitation with bright colors and a clear theme tucked inside a handwritten envelope and sent directly to your mailbox. Nice, right? That’s because number one, who doesn’t excited when they receive something in their mailbox that isn’t a bill or junk? And number two, the thick paper and beautifully printed ink is exquisite enough to hang on the fridge.

Because of their importance, we have 3 general guidelines for invitation designs; plan your words, match your theme, and add extras. We’ll go a little more in detail:


The format and wording of the invitations are essential to clearly understand the information. Make sure the words are spaced correctly and the font is clearly readable. You’ll need to provide the date, time, location, dress, and any other key information. 

Halloween invitation wording can be fun! Throw in some puns or alliterations to give the event a proper name. Some of our favorites include; Boos and Booze, Costumes and Cocktails, Eat Drink and Be Scary, Get Your Freak On, Join Us If You Dare, and A Party To Die For.


When creating the design, keep your halloween party theme in mind. If you’re doing a spooky event, make the invitation look old and scary. If you’re doing a fun costume party for the kids, use bright halloween colors and characters. The idea is to give your guests a taste of what to expect at the party.

If you aren’t savvy with computer designing, that’s okay! There are a lot Etsy designers to choose from that sell their halloween party invitation templates. We have worked with many of them and know they create beautiful designs and can customize their invitation templates to fit your needs. 

halloween party invitation


The last step is to add extras. Once you or your Etsy designer have finished your design, make your halloween invitations printable by uploading the design to our website, Prints of Love. We make sure to give you high quality, professional printing without wasting your time or sacrificing your budget, and we’ll send them to you within a few days.

One of the options we give after you upload your design, is to pick your stock/paper. This is the first “extra” you should have. We don’t print on copy paper, we give your invitations that something extra. With our services, you’ll have the options to pick between Gloss, Matte, and Linen paper. These are all a beautiful finish and you’re safe to choose the one that you think would work best with your design. Your halloween party invitations will knock their socks off.

After you receive your prints, you may begin adding the final “extras” to the envelope. Some inexpensive items that we suggest are tying burlap string or colored ribbon around the card, or adding appropriate shaped confetti into the envelope. This will get the party started right when your guests open it!

Picking envelopes that match and handwriting the addresses are the perfect final touches. We love how Alaina from Elizabeth Street Post designed her envelopes and even added a seal to finish the look.

halloween party invitations


Some Additional Halloween invitation ideas:

We LOVE blogger Brooklyn Limestone and her elaborate “Haunted Hotel” themed halloween party invitations.

halloween party invitations


And Christine Marie Creations “Masquerade & Mystery” invitation.

halloween party invitations


#3 Pick a Menu

Bone Appetit! Whether you’re planning a full dinner or just a few snacks, food is essential to any party, especially a halloween party. There are so many creative halloween food ideas out there that either look delicious or disgustingly good. We love to check out Genius Kitchen’s ideas every year. Our favorite is the Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs.

spider deviled eggs

#4 Decorate & Plan Activities

Creating the halloween party invitations might be the most important part, but we think the halloween decorating is the most fun. Halloween party decorations can include anything from spider webs, to old books, to ribbons, and of course, pumpkins. Decorating your front porch is a great way to welcome your guests and let them know they’re at the right place. Decorating the main area where the party is to be held is essential, but make your place setting or food table spooky, too! Gather a tablecloth, some fake spiders, and skeleton serving spoons to really make it scary.

Alaina from Elizabeth Street Post that we mentioned earlier has some great decoration ideas, too!

halloween party decorations

Planning activities is where the theme comes back into play. Are you throwing a costume party? Try for a costume contest. Did you go for the Murder Mystery Dinner? Find some murder mystery stories online and follow those. A masquerade? Make it a ball and throw on some music to dance to.

Keep in mind that when inviting people you love, the fun and laughs are sure to happen no matter what. And just incase “no body” comes, don’t forget the “boos” to liven your “spirits”. But trust us, they will come! And you’ll have a ghoul old time. (did we go too far?).

We wish you all the best with your party planning and we hope you’ll use our services for your Halloween party invitations. Have a Happy Halloween!