Design Principle #4 – Repetition

This week we’re talking about using repetition within your designs in order to create consistency and visual interest. Your shop and brand should have a certain overall aesthetic to draw the customers you want and also to establish yourself as a the credible and awesome designer that you are!

Repeating certain characteristics (ie. fonts, colors, layouts, design elements, etc.) within your design will keep the design unified and cohesive. This then creates a visual theme that creates this unification and consistency. This is especially helpful when designing multiple related graphics or a multi-page document because the repetition of design elements will tie them all together and make them feel unified and consistent. Repetition is also the number one way to create a recognizable brand identity.




Use the same 2-3 fonts throughout your graphic and make sure they correspond to the same type of text each time. For example, use the same header font for every header in your graphic. And therefore, use the same body font for all of the body text throughout your graphic. Easy enough, right?

Shapes and Lines and Other Design Elements

Try repeating design elements, like shapes or lines, multiple times throughout your graphic. This helps bring it all together and feel unified, while also creating a visual theme for the entire piece.


Use the same color palette throughout the entire graphic, and when possible, use the same color for similar design elements. ie. If you used red for a sub-header, use red for every single sub-header going forward.


For multi-page documents or graphics of the same series, sometimes it helps to use the same layout each time while switching out the content accordingly. This can be done with a multi-page portfolio as well as with several series of social media graphics.



Once again, thanks to Mariah Althoff for the tips and if you have any questions, feel free to find us on social media and reach out, we love to hear from you! 🌸