Design Principle #3 – Alignment

Another Thursday, another design tip! 🌸 This week we’re talking about how to use alignment to your advantage to create more eye-catching designs. And more visual interest = more attention = more sales!


First off, every design element placed in your graphic should be visually aligned to something else on the page. Whether that’s the side of the page, the edge of an image, the text that’s above it, etc., nothing should be placed arbitrarily on the page. This is probably the #1 beginner mistake seen in graphics and quite possibly the easiest to fix.




Align all of your text the same way. It’s really difficult to successfully have right justified, left justified and centered text all in one graphic. Although it can be possible I suggest sticking with one (maybe two) consistent alignments to avoid any design faux pas.


Make sure you’re strategically placing your imagery within the page. Typically it’s best to align it with either text of the side of the page.


I see some strange logo placements in DIY graphics. If the logo isn’t the main attraction and is just there to brand your graphic, your best bet is to place it in a corner or align it within a design element itself, like a colored box or over top of a photo. If your logo is the main attraction, center it and align other design elements around it.



Once again, thanks to Mariah Althoff for the tips and if you have any questions, feel free to find us on social media and reach out, we love to hear from you!