The (dreaded?) 50th Birthday Party -A Celebratory Milestone

The (dreaded?) 50th birthday party.

Recognize the Celebration!

We all know the feeling, that next milestone birthday is coming around the corner, first it was 30, then 40 and soon…50. Once that 50th birthday party was viewed with dread. Something to get through with minimal birthday invitations sent out. Then the rise of the phrase “50 is the new 40.” However, this was just a phrase used to delay the inevitable. Time marches on and the birthday parties are simply unwanted reminders. Granted they are a great place to load up on those lovely gifts.

Classic 50th Birthday invitations

What needs to happen is for us to recognize the accomplishments we have made by hitting these milestones. The 50th birthday is something to celebrate! Think of what we have done to get this far! We’ve have made it through the Timid 20s, and Thankless 30’s. We even survived the F-you 40’s. Now is the time for the Fabulous 50’s. We’ve fought for the life we have- now, time to celebrate!

The 50’s are an amazing decade.  More financial flexibility, confidence in yourself than when you were in your 20’s and 30’s. You can still make the changes to make the life how you truly want it. And you developed perspective to be grateful for what you have.

One of the key bits of wisdom you have learned by now is that experiences and memories last longer and are more valuable than things. Let’s be honest, the more things in your house, the more time you spend cleaning them up. But with memories – they take up no space but add so much to your life. Which means that you need to make sure that this party is one to be remembered.

Getting the Word Out

Once all the details are determined – the venue, the theme, the food, and the guest list – one final decision is how to get the news out. In our ever increasing digital age it’s easy to simply send out an e-vite, or create an online Facebook event. But for the big moments there are several pros to going with the personal paper printed birthday invitation.

Simple 50th birthday invitation

The invite sets the tone for the event. Is it a rustic setting? a small gathering of friends? a large glitzy gala demanding black tie attire? The style of the invitation defines what the night will be. It create anticipation for the party and provides the recipients with a small memento of the night. Invitations are more than the functional details of who, what, when and where. They convey how much the guest’s presence is desired and how they are important to the guest of honor both for one particular night and for their life in general. It seems like a small thing – a bit of paper – but they instantly bump up the value of the event.

No matter how you plan the party you need to make sure you can customize your party invitations.

The theme of the party dictates they type of invite to send out. Possible themes include the blast from the past 1950’s theme, or a walk down memory lane.

Nostalgic 50th Birthday

Take the time to create a unique invitation. Something as special as you. Something that stands out.

Perhaps an elegant birthday invitation is more your style. Elegant birthdays can be made even more personal with details such as customized wine labels, silver streamers and making sure the whole affair is a night to remember.

How to Get it Done

Whatever path you choose, birthday invitations have come a long way from our childhood.

Now we are able to generate online birthday invitations and there are free invitation templates to be found in all corners to help make sure that your special day is complete with friends and family.

And if creative design isn’t one of your strengths, many designers will happily help custom design your birthday invitations

One of the ways to bring your party invites to life is to create a photo birthday card. Take a fun moment from your past – perhaps several to make a timeline – celebrating you! These custom made invitations help loved ones to also be able to look back and share in the moments that helped you become the individual you are today.

You may be contemplating this big day not for yourself, but for someone close to you. If that’s the case, printed birthday invitations are an even better way to make sure that the lovely guest of honor doesn’t happen upon the event online by mistake. By creating surprise birthday invitations, rather than a private online event, you don’t run the risk of them hers to make sure that the birthday individual is fully surprised.

If you’re like me, parties might have a way of sneaking up on you. I could have 3 months notice and not remember to get anything done until the week of the event. Which is why this day and age of ordering birthday invitations online has saved more than one occasion. By being able to create custom party invitations – you can design unique birthday invitations specific to the taste of the individual as well as the budget of the party.

These days it’s a easy thing to create a Facebook event or send out online invitations. However, the detail that comes with personalized invitations ensures that not only guest of honor feels special but everyone else how has been selected to be a part of the celebration.

Remember, It’s About You.

50th Birthday invitations

There are so many different choices to make about your celebration – only one of which is how to get the word out. One thing that is important to remember in the midst of planning is that this is a special day. One to share with those close to you as you remember what has brought you to this point in your life and look forward with excitement to your future.