Design Principle #2 : Proximity

Another Thursday, another design tip! 🌸 This week we’re talking about the importance of proximity as a design principle to really WOW your clients and make your designs stand out from the crowd!

Proximity is when you group related items together so that it is visually clear they’re related. This helps create organization within your graphic which causes information to be remembered more easily. Our brains love organization, so when a graphic is organized appropriately, it’s both visually appealing and easier to consume.

Proximity also makes white space feel more organized, and therefore more balanced. (See how these are all starting to relate?)


Grouping together related text is HUGE in making your graphic easier to consume. Make sure related headers, sub-headers, and body text are all grouped together accordingly so that it’s super obvious that they’re all talking about the same thing.

Grouping imagery closely with related text will again make your graphic easier to consume and also easier to remember. Because so many of us are visual learners, grouping imagery with related text makes us much more likely to remember the information associated with it.



Once again, thanks to Mariah Althoff for the tips and if you have any questions, feel free to find us on social media and reach out, we love to hear from you!

Up Your Etsy Game – Tip #1 : Tag Strategically

When you’re uploading designs to Etsy, or any marketplace, it’s always tempting to breeze through the submission process. You’re all ready to get your designs up and selling as soon as possible and there’s often multiple steps; that can be really time consuming and even annoying, we get it.

Tagging is one of the steps that is always a part of this process. Many shop owners throw in a few random tags with little thought or even attempt to skip this step entirely. This can have detrimental effects on your sales potential.

Think about it. Etsy is a huge marketplace and there’s one primary way for people to find you: search results.

Even if your designs are amazing, if you don’t rank well in several searches, odds are your shop will remain undiscovered.

Tagging is the answer! This often overlooked step is the one that can take you from zero to hero and from a small shop to a thriving business! 

A critical step in improving your shop’s search ranking is to find the best possible words to describe your shop and your items. Think like a shopper: What words would you search when looking for your products or shop? It’s helpful to think of all of the possible words that can be used to describe the same thing: your product. For example, you might tag your custom invitation listing with something like “editable”, “customizable”, and “personalize”. Use all three tags even though they mean almost exactly the same thing to capture as many different types of searchers as possible.


Need more help? Ask yourself these questions to help brainstorm!


Design Principle #1 : Balance

Do you want to take your graphics to the next level to stand out from the competition? Following these simple design tips will seriously put you miles above the rest and bring you new clients and business!

We’ll be releasing new design tips every Thursday so keep an eye out, and show us your finished work with the hashtag #printsoflove , we love seeing your successes!


Your graphics need to have a sense of balance. This isn’t to say that each side needs to be perfectly symmetrical, but the amount of visual weight on each side should feel cohesive and intentional to create this feeling of balance.

Visual weight can be determined by three different design factors:

Color: Bolder, brighter colors carry more visual weight than softer, lighter colors.

Size: The larger the design element, the more visual weight it has.

Thickness: Thicker lines carry more visual weight than thin lines.

Using these three factors you can create two types of balance:

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical

Symmetrical balance is when the visual weight is distributed evenly between both sides of the graphic

Asymmetrical balance is when visual weight is intentionally and thoughtfully unequal between the two sides. In these scenarios, you’re often using white space as visual weight to balance the other side of your graphic.




Font pairings rely almost completely on asymmetrical balance. Pairing one dominant font (like one font that’s bold or draws more attention like a brush font or calligraphy font) with a more subtle basic font (like Helvetica or anything that feels more simplified) will create a perfect font pairing by using asymmetrical balance to your benefit.

You can create either symmetrical balance or asymmetrical balance to produce an effective color palette.
Symmetrical color palettes will use colors that all seem to have the same brightness or intensity – and therefore each carries an equal visual weight. They should all feel like they cohesively work together without drawing attention to any one color in particular.

An asymmetrical color palette will typically use one or two colors that dramatically stand out among the others. For example, using a black, white and red color palette creates an asymmetrical balance because the red takes the majority of the visual weight but is balanced out by the addition of black and white colors it’s paired with.

White Space
White space, or the amount of negative space where no design elements take up room, is a design element in itself. You can use white space to balance out your design.

Completely filling your page with crap won’t help balance your design, in fact it makes it feel unprofessional and overwhelming. Use white space as a design element in itself because it too has visual weight. You can do that by either creating an equal amount of white space on each side of your graphic in order to give it a symmetrical balance or by using a large amount of whitespace on one side to balance out the design elements on the other in order to use an asymmetrical layout.

Either way, white space is your FRIEND. Use it as much as you can!

Let us know what you think in the comments below and a huge THANK YOU to Mariah Althoff for the design tips!

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