Increase Sales Of Your Etsy Designs

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Increase Sales Of Your Etsy Designs

If you are using a platform like Etsy to promote and sell wedding invitation designs, baby announcements or other creative designs and want to take your sales to the next level, then start promoting quality printing services that has the same high quality as your design. Printable wedding invitations and other design downloads are a lucrative market and here are a few things that you can do to increase your Etsy designs sales:

Branding Your Shop Is Key

Especially on Etsy, maintaining a consistent feel of your brand and the entirety of your profile is very important. One of the best ways to promote your Etsy shop is with the presence of your logo. We recommend spending time focusing on creating a professional and creative logo and incorporating it into as many aspects of your profile as possible. Visibility of your logo will increase Etsy traffic onto your profile and allow customers to associate your brand with your quality designs.

Another great way to ensure the shopping experience is visually pleasing for your customers is by matching the quality of your Etsy designs with a quality header image. By matching the quality of your custom invitations with the feel of your brand, you will increase your Etsy sales and build a brand that is consistent and reliable.

Brand recognition is so important. Differentiating yourself from your competition will ensure that your customers will continue doing business with you. Make your logo and header image something people will remember!

Focus Beyond The Sale

In order to build your Etsy designs into a strong brand you must deliver consistent quality to your consumers. The key word here is delivered. We believe that the final product is as important as the invitation design itself. You need your custom invitations to reach their full potential. Some important things to consider when delivering your Etsy Designs are file type, paper type and formatting details such as bleed lines.

File Type and Formatting

With the significant effort that goes into making each custom invitation perfect, the final product must mirror exactly that. It is not at all uncommon for files to be sold in RGB color mode only to experience a color shift in when printed.  All files are automatically printed in CMYK mode so save yourself the trouble and only sell Etsy designs in CMYK mode.

It is also important to realize that when printing invitations you should always allow for an extra 1/8” margin to account for what will be trimmed off. Customers will have a much better experience if you’re custom invitations are delivered print ready.

Paper Choice for Printing

When a customer chooses your etsy design for their invitation printing, it’s important to have some knowledge of the different types of paper they will have to choose from.  If you know what paper would look best with your design, you can recommend the best option which will give the customers a much smoother custom printing experience. What does this mean for you? These customers will refer their friends to your company as well as choose your custom designs more because of how effortless their process was.  Sounds pretty amazing right? Here is a list of the current paper types Prints of Love uses:

Gloss: A smooth and shiny look that is perfect for cards and invitations using photos.  The glossy look will make the colors and photos especially, more vibrant.

Matte: A classic white clean paper that is one of the most popular types for Prints of Love! If the customer wants something simple and the design to attract eyes, this is a great option to use!

Kraft: A brown rustic colored paper that’s perfect for the person who wants something unique! Be careful though! If a customer is interested in this paper, the colors in certain designs could be altered because of the paper color.  So if a customer wants to use kraft paper, it would be a great idea to either: 1) recommend a design that would work for that paper or, 2) recommend a different paper type.

Linen: A white paper with a unique woven texture that adds just that extra oomph to an invitation design.  It’s great to use when Matte is too simple, but Gloss is too much.

Recycled: At Prints of Love, we focus on trying to be as green as possible! That is why we offer a Recycled paper that is made from 100% recycled paper! The paper may not be perfectly white because of potential specks, but it will sure make a perfectly warm heart!

*Did you know? For every order you place, Prints of Love plants a tree in your name. We are proudly an official Reforestation Partner with our friends at One Tree Planted! Let’s make the world a much greener place.

Silk: A high-quality paper with a silky-smooth texture added to the top coating. This makes designs pop out and look even better!

Being able to provide customer recommendations before they go into the purchase will help make their custom design printing experience flow much easier.  This means more people will want that simple and easier printing process and will drive more loyal customers to your designs, increasing your etsy traffic and sales!

Design Promotion and Presentation

Another important way to promote your Etsy shop is to consistently use high-quality images of your design. A “good” image will never be enough for customers of Etsy – they must be absolutely amazing! A low-quality image can take away from the meticulous detail, vibrant colors and hard work that you have put into every unique piece of art that you create. Images have the ability to make or break sales of your custom invitations, printable wedding announcements or other Etsy designs.

Maximize the results of your images by tagging them with relevant titles that will stand out to customers searching for your specific and unique designs on Etsy. The superior visual appeal also has the power to attract those browsing similar items and can give your products the upper hand! You are selling creative art and who can appreciate visual quality more than your target market? This also means that you have a much harder crowd to please, so don’t drop the ball. Show potential customers that you are committed to quality– from the creative designs to the content and presentation details. Optimize the size, bleed lines and other details of your design to ensure the same quality when the final product is printed to add even more value for your customers.

Etsy understands the importance of perceived quality and has posted results of a buyer survey that shows 90% of shoppers rated quality of images as “extremely important”. More important than the cost of the item, shipping or reviews! If you are not stunned by your own image quality, then you need to step up your game. Produce amazing images and it will be well worth your investment when you increase Etsy traffic and take your shop and design income to the next level!

Make Additional Revenue On Printing

Maximize revenue on your designs! If you become a partner with Prints of Love you get 10% cashback whenever someone prints your custom design with us! For example, if someone printed 300 cards or wedding invitations, with a print total of $300, you would get 10% or $30! Talk about some extra cash! Check out our become a partner page for more details!

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