Halloween Party Ideas To Die For – With Halloween Party Invitations

Are you thinking about hosting a Boo-tiful halloween party? Well you’ve come to the right place for some great halloween party ideas as well as some spooky halloween party invitations.

Hosting a Halloween Party

Halloween is the perfect time of year to throw get-togethers with friends and family. The weather is changing, the world is becoming a little more cozy (cuddle weather, am I right?), the food is great (chili, and bread bowls, and pumpkins, oh my!) and let’s not forget the costumes! Put all these things together, and people will be dying to come to your party (see what I did there..) But where do you start?

#1 Pick a Halloween Theme:

The first thing to do, is pick a Halloween party theme. There are so many options, but some always-popular Halloween party ideas include a costume party, haunted house/hotel, pirates, Harry Potter, masquerade, and my personal favorite, a murder mystery dinner. You should think about the details of the event, including whether or not you’ll want an adult halloween party or if you’ll want children to come. Do you have a special event you can combine with a halloween theme, like a halloween birthday party, halloween baby shower or even a halloween wedding

#2 Design the Halloween Party Invitations

Here at Prints of Love, we believe that designing the invitation is the most important part of every party planning process. The invitation completely sets the mood for the event. Do you remember a time you received an invite printed on copy paper with fading ink? Or an animated evite sent to your email? These were probably easily forgotten or tossed aside.

Now imagine a beautifully printed cardstock invitation with bright colors and a clear theme tucked inside a handwritten envelope and sent directly to your mailbox. Nice, right? That’s because number one, who doesn’t excited when they receive something in their mailbox that isn’t a bill or junk? And number two, the thick paper and beautifully printed ink is exquisite enough to hang on the fridge.

Because of their importance, we have 3 general guidelines for invitation designs; plan your words, match your theme, and add extras. We’ll go a little more in detail:


The format and wording of the invitations are essential to clearly understand the information. Make sure the words are spaced correctly and the font is clearly readable. You’ll need to provide the date, time, location, dress, and any other key information. 

Halloween invitation wording can be fun! Throw in some puns or alliterations to give the event a proper name. Some of our favorites include; Boos and Booze, Costumes and Cocktails, Eat Drink and Be Scary, Get Your Freak On, Join Us If You Dare, and A Party To Die For.


When creating the design, keep your halloween party theme in mind. If you’re doing a spooky event, make the invitation look old and scary. If you’re doing a fun costume party for the kids, use bright halloween colors and characters. The idea is to give your guests a taste of what to expect at the party.

If you aren’t savvy with computer designing, that’s okay! There are a lot Etsy designers to choose from that sell their halloween party invitation templates. We have worked with many of them and know they create beautiful designs and can customize their invitation templates to fit your needs. 

halloween party invitation


The last step is to add extras. Once you or your Etsy designer have finished your design, make your halloween invitations printable by uploading the design to our website, Prints of Love. We make sure to give you high quality, professional printing without wasting your time or sacrificing your budget, and we’ll send them to you within a few days.

One of the options we give after you upload your design, is to pick your stock/paper. This is the first “extra” you should have. We don’t print on copy paper, we give your invitations that something extra. With our services, you’ll have the options to pick between Gloss, Matte, and Linen paper. These are all a beautiful finish and you’re safe to choose the one that you think would work best with your design. Your halloween party invitations will knock their socks off.

After you receive your prints, you may begin adding the final “extras” to the envelope. Some inexpensive items that we suggest are tying burlap string or colored ribbon around the card, or adding appropriate shaped confetti into the envelope. This will get the party started right when your guests open it!

Picking envelopes that match and handwriting the addresses are the perfect final touches. We love how Alaina from Elizabeth Street Post designed her envelopes and even added a seal to finish the look.

halloween party invitations


Some Additional Halloween invitation ideas:

We LOVE blogger Brooklyn Limestone and her elaborate “Haunted Hotel” themed halloween party invitations.

halloween party invitations


And Christine Marie Creations “Masquerade & Mystery” invitation.

halloween party invitations


#3 Pick a Menu

Bone Appetit! Whether you’re planning a full dinner or just a few snacks, food is essential to any party, especially a halloween party. There are so many creative halloween food ideas out there that either look delicious or disgustingly good. We love to check out Genius Kitchen’s ideas every year. Our favorite is the Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs.

spider deviled eggs

#4 Decorate & Plan Activities

Creating the halloween party invitations might be the most important part, but we think the halloween decorating is the most fun. Halloween party decorations can include anything from spider webs, to old books, to ribbons, and of course, pumpkins. Decorating your front porch is a great way to welcome your guests and let them know they’re at the right place. Decorating the main area where the party is to be held is essential, but make your place setting or food table spooky, too! Gather a tablecloth, some fake spiders, and skeleton serving spoons to really make it scary.

Alaina from Elizabeth Street Post that we mentioned earlier has some great decoration ideas, too!

halloween party decorations

Planning activities is where the theme comes back into play. Are you throwing a costume party? Try for a costume contest. Did you go for the Murder Mystery Dinner? Find some murder mystery stories online and follow those. A masquerade? Make it a ball and throw on some music to dance to.

Keep in mind that when inviting people you love, the fun and laughs are sure to happen no matter what. And just incase “no body” comes, don’t forget the “boos” to liven your “spirits”. But trust us, they will come! And you’ll have a ghoul old time. (did we go too far?).

We wish you all the best with your party planning and we hope you’ll use our services for your Halloween party invitations. Have a Happy Halloween!

The (dreaded?) 50th Birthday Party -A Celebratory Milestone

The (dreaded?) 50th birthday party.

Recognize the Celebration!

We all know the feeling, that next milestone birthday is coming around the corner, first it was 30, then 40 and soon…50. Once that 50th birthday party was viewed with dread. Something to get through with minimal birthday invitations sent out. Then the rise of the phrase “50 is the new 40.” However, this was just a phrase used to delay the inevitable. Time marches on and the birthday parties are simply unwanted reminders. Granted they are a great place to load up on those lovely gifts.

Classic 50th Birthday invitations

What needs to happen is for us to recognize the accomplishments we have made by hitting these milestones. The 50th birthday is something to celebrate! Think of what we have done to get this far! We’ve have made it through the Timid 20s, and Thankless 30’s. We even survived the F-you 40’s. Now is the time for the Fabulous 50’s. We’ve fought for the life we have- now, time to celebrate!

The 50’s are an amazing decade.  More financial flexibility, confidence in yourself than when you were in your 20’s and 30’s. You can still make the changes to make the life how you truly want it. And you developed perspective to be grateful for what you have.

One of the key bits of wisdom you have learned by now is that experiences and memories last longer and are more valuable than things. Let’s be honest, the more things in your house, the more time you spend cleaning them up. But with memories – they take up no space but add so much to your life. Which means that you need to make sure that this party is one to be remembered.

Getting the Word Out

Once all the details are determined – the venue, the theme, the food, and the guest list – one final decision is how to get the news out. In our ever increasing digital age it’s easy to simply send out an e-vite, or create an online Facebook event. But for the big moments there are several pros to going with the personal paper printed birthday invitation.

Simple 50th birthday invitation

The invite sets the tone for the event. Is it a rustic setting? a small gathering of friends? a large glitzy gala demanding black tie attire? The style of the invitation defines what the night will be. It create anticipation for the party and provides the recipients with a small memento of the night. Invitations are more than the functional details of who, what, when and where. They convey how much the guest’s presence is desired and how they are important to the guest of honor both for one particular night and for their life in general. It seems like a small thing – a bit of paper – but they instantly bump up the value of the event.

No matter how you plan the party you need to make sure you can customize your party invitations.

The theme of the party dictates they type of invite to send out. Possible themes include the blast from the past 1950’s theme, or a walk down memory lane.

Nostalgic 50th Birthday

Take the time to create a unique invitation. Something as special as you. Something that stands out.

Perhaps an elegant birthday invitation is more your style. Elegant birthdays can be made even more personal with details such as customized wine labels, silver streamers and making sure the whole affair is a night to remember.

How to Get it Done

Whatever path you choose, birthday invitations have come a long way from our childhood.

Now we are able to generate online birthday invitations and there are free invitation templates to be found in all corners to help make sure that your special day is complete with friends and family.

And if creative design isn’t one of your strengths, many designers will happily help custom design your birthday invitations

One of the ways to bring your party invites to life is to create a photo birthday card. Take a fun moment from your past – perhaps several to make a timeline – celebrating you! These custom made invitations help loved ones to also be able to look back and share in the moments that helped you become the individual you are today.

You may be contemplating this big day not for yourself, but for someone close to you. If that’s the case, printed birthday invitations are an even better way to make sure that the lovely guest of honor doesn’t happen upon the event online by mistake. By creating surprise birthday invitations, rather than a private online event, you don’t run the risk of them hers to make sure that the birthday individual is fully surprised.

If you’re like me, parties might have a way of sneaking up on you. I could have 3 months notice and not remember to get anything done until the week of the event. Which is why this day and age of ordering birthday invitations online has saved more than one occasion. By being able to create custom party invitations – you can design unique birthday invitations specific to the taste of the individual as well as the budget of the party.

These days it’s a easy thing to create a Facebook event or send out online invitations. However, the detail that comes with personalized invitations ensures that not only guest of honor feels special but everyone else how has been selected to be a part of the celebration.

Remember, It’s About You.

50th Birthday invitations

There are so many different choices to make about your celebration – only one of which is how to get the word out. One thing that is important to remember in the midst of planning is that this is a special day. One to share with those close to you as you remember what has brought you to this point in your life and look forward with excitement to your future.


Steampunk Inspired Wedding Invitations

For those with a sense of class and vintage flair who want to add a touch of adventure and fun to their wedding, Steampunk is the only way to go. Steampunk is a combination of science fiction with the technology of the Victorian era. You can add themes and décor to create a unique, but most importantly a wedding that will set it apart from others.

Steampunk hatWith our distinctive templates and designs, you can create a wedding invitation that will be both unforgettable and eye-catching. Nothing is more enchanting than the sight of a hot-air balloon that at one time captured the wonder of all. Or the mechanic amazement of gears churning as time pieces clicked forward to create a blend of technology with art. Whether you’re looking for steampunk wedding favors or steampunk wedding rings, the technology of yesteryear touched with the whimsy of goggled-topped top hats and punked-up Victorian wedding dresses, could never do without that unique wedding invitation that will set your wedding as the ultimate cosplay event.



Because you want to host the ultimate geek cosplay wedding, our invitations will set the theme and atmosphere. Our cards provide the perfect templates to add the photos and the exact needed information you desire for your invitation. Each invitation has the option of being flat, two-sided or tri-folded cards. A flat card can be one-sided or two-sided.


If choosing a one-sided, flat invitation, your information will be short and to-the-point. Also with a one-sided card, a picture of the couple is often layered underneath the invitation’s information. This allows the wedding couple to have both a picture and the necessary information on their invitation. A two-sided invitation expands the space for the use of more pictures and information. Many of our templates allow for one, two, three, four and even five pictures on this type of invitation. The couple can add more engagement photos if they desire in this format and if necessary, more needed wedding information.


The tri-fold card is an upgrade from the traditional flat card. Choosing this style of an invitation will give a more sophisticated memento of your wedding. By choosing a bigger card, the couple can add information that only true cosplayers would want and need. Our selection of invitations provide you with ready-made invitations or custom-made templates. The ready-made invitation allows for a more simplistic and quick creation of the invitation. Drop and click your information and pictures into the all-ready-made cards provided on our website to create a no-fuss invitation. Or custom-make your own invitation. Use our templates that allow the user to choose boarders and fonts and accessories of their own choosing. It will make the invitation as unique as the couple to be.

Steampunk wedding invitation

Need some help on how to write up your wedding invitations? Designing an invitation is one thing, however there are some wording you will definitely need to include. Here’s a great guide on wedding invitation wording.


Boarders are essential to any invitation. From thick lines to curved swirls, boarders can add that touch of class you’re looking for. Straight thin lines add a simplistic feel that might reflect more of your style. It lets your guests know that your wedding will be more casual and simple. A more elaborate wedding might better be represented by an ornate boarder with varying swirls and frills to its design. Interlocking gears at the bottom of an invitation add a nice, classy edge to the page. But if you’re more daring, an entire boarder of gears or ancient, cogs-driven clocks can deliver that true Steampunk feel.

A Victorian addition to your page is never out-of-place in this genre. A Victorian boarder can be anything from elaborately swirled designs to sepia faded edges. It gives the invitation an aged appeal like an old photograph. Whatever you choose, a boarder can change the look and feel of your invitation. Our boarder selections are sure to make you invitation stand-out and represent the exact kind of wedding you’re hosting.

steampunk border
Steampunk border example


An array of steampunk fonts are available for your use. The five most popular are used in our ready-made invitations: Victorian Parlor, Salazar, Hemera, Great Victorian and Steampunk. But if you are more adventurous, more than fifteen fonts are at your disposable. Mix and match them as much as you want in your invitation.


Steampunk fonts have a variety of fonts such as the Clockwork font encasing gears and clocks within its letters. The Steampunk fonts embrace the technology of the steam era with all of its mechanical parts and tools.


If you prefer a more traditional, extravagant look, Victorian fonts might be more of what you’re looking for. Victorian fonts plastered the covers of store fronts, newspaper ads and dining establishments back in the day. To add this vintage look, we have a variety of late-eighteenth century fonts that will appeal to you. Fonts spice up and add flavor to your invitations. The Steampunk fonts add a touch of whimsy to the card and enliven the imagination.  Victorian fonts recreate an old-world feel and a sense of wonder. Here is a popular site for free fonts.

Victorian Parlor Font
Victorian Parlor Font


The right colors will make all the difference to the look and feel of your invitation, therefore, you’ll want to put some thought into the colors. Color combinations can be anything. Choose from your wedding colors to a more traditional sepia coloring of aged blacks and browns found in turn-of-the-century photos. Each ready-made template comes with complimentary color schemes designed by our artists. They hand-picked specialized color combinations that follow the Steampunk genre. You can add or delete background and font coloring as you choose to make your invitation exactly as you desire.

Steampunk colors
Steampunk color example



A number of templates are available for you to add to your invitation. Whether it be your wedding registry or links to popular cosplay websites for guest costumes, we have you covered. With a variety of templates to assist you in all of your informational needs, you’ll be set.

Wedding Invitation Example
Wedding Invitation Example

Ready to begin? Click here to start designing your dream wedding invitation!

Wedding Invitations that Grab their Attention

So, your Pinterest-perfect wedding timeline says you should send your wedding announcements in early December, great! Way to be on top of things. But chances are, the refrigerator in every household you’re inviting looks something like this:

cluttered fridge wedding invitation

At Prints of Love, we’re in the business of making your big day(s) easier – that’s weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, baby announcements – all of your milestones. We want your event to reflect your style, but sometimes external forces can put a damper on that: Gold glitter is not unique in December.

To counteract the distraction of the holidays, we’ve compiled some tips on how to stand out among  the clutter of 1,000 holiday cards. After all, you’re putting a lot of work into this wedding, and your nemesis from high school needs to know you’re getting married before she is!

#1) Select your colors boldly

You’re creating a custom design, so the world is your oyster! Your guests’ homes (and mailboxes) are going to be full of red, green, white, gold, blue, and silver. Do not add to the pile of red, green, white, gold, blue, and silver. It’s likely that your wedding colors are already chosen, so if you had a classic red, black, and white theme selected, turn up the volume on the black and white! Think through how to separate your theme from that of Christmas and the Holiday season, then take action with a smart design.

With the timeline we’re on right now, you’re probably working on a summer or fall wedding announcement. You can do incredible things with standard printing services with custom greeting card services. Bright colors like pink, orange, yellow, and magenta will catch your guests’ eyes and make them yearn for long summer days and a champagne toast to your fiancé making an honest woman out of you.

#2) Fonts are important

Two years ago when my colleagues selected an over-the-top cursive/calligraphy hybrid font for a new logo I said, “That’s not a timeless look. It’ll be over soon and everyone is using it, let’s do something else.” They didn’t listen to me, but maybe you will.

Pick a different font. Calligraphy is expected for both the holidays and a wedding – do something unique with your postcards! According to 99Designs (also an excellent resource if you’re looking for custom invitations or announcements and don’t want to design them yourself), the latest trends in fonts include geometric, handwritten, and vintage fonts. For more font-spiration and the latest trends for 2018 typography, visit their blog here.

#3) Grab their eye with simple minimalist designs

You can’t spell “the holidays” without “over-stimulation!” Wait…

Everything everywhere is going to be decorated with lights, glitter, foil, (tassels?), so class up your stationery with some minimalist designs and a good use of white space. You can do this by ditching the aforementioned larger fonts, shortening your copy, and removing design aspects that are pretty but distracting. Some other happy consequences of a minimalist design in your save the dates and invitations could include a minimalist wedding reception, which would save you time, money, and quite a bit of sanity! K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple, sweetheart!

#4) Personalize it

Here at Prints of Love, we print your custom stationery and send it straight to you. That means you could grab a pen and write a sweet, thoughtful note on the invitations before you send them out. Wouldn’t that make all your guests feel special? (Even your mother’s coworkers long lost cousin who you’re being forced to invite!) This way, you’re still getting the convenience of making cards online and the extra warm fuzzies of letting your guests know they, specifically, were on your mind. I’ve even seen brides more organized than I include photos in the envelopes of the bride, groom, and the guest when possible. (Inconclusive studies show a correlation between personalized invitations and bigger, better wedding gifts.)
personalized wedding invitation

#5) Boring envelopes are so 2017

First impressions are everything, so put your best foot forward with a unique envelope that stands out (don’t forget about the red, green, white, gold, blue, and silver rule!). Ideally, your guest will grab a pile of mail, shuffle through, and grab yours first. I like to use LCIPapers, because they have an extensive selection of envelopes from standard sizes and colors, unique stocks, side openings, and more. My favorite way to spruce up an envelope is with a liner, like these ones with glitter, patterns, solids, and foils. Unconventional envelope flaps are also much more exciting than they sound – find something with a unique die cut, an oversized flap, an opening on the right hand side, or even a creatively built self sealer. Another option is to seal your envelope in a fun way with stickers, custom made rubber stamps, or ribbons.

#6) Make your theme work for you, not the other way around

Instead of showcasing green vines around your invitation for your Hawaii beach wedding, through some bright tropical flowers and work in some watercolors like 99Designs recommended. Your vine idea is very pretty and trendy, but will get lost in a sea of garland. Keep the vines in the back of your mind until the holiday cards have been thrown away and incorporate them into other aspects of your big day.
Another note – you’re still in the beginning stages of your wedding planning and nothing is etched in stone. If your theme is proving to be difficult, let it adapt into something more doable. This can be anything from a difficult color scheme to match (turquoise is a killer!), an elaborate theme that will be expensive and hard to pull of elegantly, or one that your soon-to-be mother in law is vocal about hating. Make the easy changes now. You’ll want to save yourself as much stress as possible.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips for making your wedding invitations and announcements pop! Comment below with your own tips and tricks (or words of wisdom for other Brides to be). And, once you’re ready to start on your custom wedding invitations, take a look at our artwork guidelines to make sure they are set up perfectly!

Good luck on your big day from all of us here at Prints of Love!

Design Principle #7 – Hierarchy

You guys, this is the last design principle post in the series! Does that make you as sad as it makes us?! 😭 Well we’re lucky this one is a good one, ending on a high note! Here we gooooo!


The definition of hierarchy is “a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority.” How fancy. 

Hierarchy, when implemented, literally creates a path for your eye to move around the page. Yes, you can in fact control how the viewer consumes your graphics. Viewers will start with the most dominant feature of your graphic, then move to the next dominant, and the next until they’ve looked over the entire thing.

Proximity also plays a huge role in hierarchy (remember our proximity post??) because often the path your eye follows will be to the next closest, dominant element.

Contrast also plays a large part in hierarchy (it’s allll coming together now), as the design element with the most contrast will typically stand out and become the starting point the hierarchy you’re implementing.

Hierarchy helps force readers to take in the most important information first and then learn details as they dive deeper into the graphic.




Using contrasting fonts for header and body text helps form this hierarchy, and organizes what information you want the viewer to consume first.

Design Elements

Often design elements like lines, arrows or shapes can help move you from one area of the graphic to the next. Keep this in mind when adding design elements. They’re not only there to look good – they should also be working to establish the hierarchy you’re trying to achieve within your design.


Use color to dictate where the viewer should look next. Use brighter, more dominant colors for the elements you want to be viewed first and then use the more neutral colors as their eyes move around the graphic.

And there you have it! These design principles definitely take a conscious effort to implement at first, but the more you familiarize yourself with them the easier they’ll be (AND the better your designs will look)! Implement these design techniques and you’ll be WAY ahead of the game and will immediately up level your visual aesthetic.



Once again, a HUGE thanks to Mariah Althoff for the tips and if you have any questions, feel free to find us on social media and reach out, we love to hear from you!