Batman Wedding

My Batman Wedding Designs

When I was young, my friends and I would get together and plan our weddings. It was so fun to imagine what our invitations would be like. how they would look and who would design them. We would draw up an invitation design and discuss our color themes.But every time, I kept designing a Batman invitation. Everyone thought I was joking, but I really wanted a Batman-themed wedding. But I didn’t want total geeky kind of Batman because then it became less of a wedding and more of a birthday party. I wanted elegant Batman. I had some amazing friends who told me yes I can do a Batman wedding. It’s my wedding! So before I ever even knew who I would marry, I got to planning. Luckily, when I did find the right guy, he was totally on board! We did the colors gold, black, midnight blue, and silver. The bridesmaids were in masquerade dresses and all had lace bat masks. We did a batman waltz with all the bridesmaids and groomsmen, where we compiled the Batman themes from over the years and put it into a 3/3 tempo. We had an ice sculpture of the Batman logo with our names carved into it. We did a picture of us with Batman masks on a rooftop. The cake was black and gold with a city designed onto it. The backdrop to the whole wedding looked like a dark city! Every chair had the gold or black sash with a Batman logo tying it in the back. It all looked amazing. We had guests show up at the reception in their Batman clothing. I got exactly what I wanted, an elegant Batman wedding. It still looked charming enough to be a wedding, but you could see the Batman fan shining out in every piece of the wedding. It was an amazing day and I wish I could relive it all over again. Although planning was tough it all worked out. If you need help designing your invitations you can click here. Or if you already designed yours print them by clicking here. It’s your wedding make it yours.