Steampunk Inspired Wedding Invitations

For those with a sense of class and vintage flair who want to add a touch of adventure and fun to their wedding, Steampunk is the only way to go. Steampunk is a combination of science fiction with the technology of the Victorian era. You can add themes and décor to create a unique, but most importantly a wedding that will set it apart from others.

Steampunk hatWith our distinctive templates and designs, you can create a wedding invitation that will be both unforgettable and eye-catching. Nothing is more enchanting than the sight of a hot-air balloon that at one time captured the wonder of all. Or the mechanic amazement of gears churning as time pieces clicked forward to create a blend of technology with art. Whether you’re looking for steampunk wedding favors or steampunk wedding rings, the technology of yesteryear touched with the whimsy of goggled-topped top hats and punked-up Victorian wedding dresses, could never do without that unique wedding invitation that will set your wedding as the ultimate cosplay event.



Because you want to host the ultimate geek cosplay wedding, our invitations will set the theme and atmosphere. Our cards provide the perfect templates to add the photos and the exact needed information you desire for your invitation. Each invitation has the option of being flat, two-sided or tri-folded cards. A flat card can be one-sided or two-sided.


If choosing a one-sided, flat invitation, your information will be short and to-the-point. Also with a one-sided card, a picture of the couple is often layered underneath the invitation’s information. This allows the wedding couple to have both a picture and the necessary information on their invitation. A two-sided invitation expands the space for the use of more pictures and information. Many of our templates allow for one, two, three, four and even five pictures on this type of invitation. The couple can add more engagement photos if they desire in this format and if necessary, more needed wedding information.


The tri-fold card is an upgrade from the traditional flat card. Choosing this style of an invitation will give a more sophisticated memento of your wedding. By choosing a bigger card, the couple can add information that only true cosplayers would want and need. Our selection of invitations provide you with ready-made invitations or custom-made templates. The ready-made invitation allows for a more simplistic and quick creation of the invitation. Drop and click your information and pictures into the all-ready-made cards provided on our website to create a no-fuss invitation. Or custom-make your own invitation. Use our templates that allow the user to choose boarders and fonts and accessories of their own choosing. It will make the invitation as unique as the couple to be.

Steampunk wedding invitation

Need some help on how to write up your wedding invitations? Designing an invitation is one thing, however there are some wording you will definitely need to include. Here’s a great guide on wedding invitation wording.


Boarders are essential to any invitation. From thick lines to curved swirls, boarders can add that touch of class you’re looking for. Straight thin lines add a simplistic feel that might reflect more of your style. It lets your guests know that your wedding will be more casual and simple. A more elaborate wedding might better be represented by an ornate boarder with varying swirls and frills to its design. Interlocking gears at the bottom of an invitation add a nice, classy edge to the page. But if you’re more daring, an entire boarder of gears or ancient, cogs-driven clocks can deliver that true Steampunk feel.

A Victorian addition to your page is never out-of-place in this genre. A Victorian boarder can be anything from elaborately swirled designs to sepia faded edges. It gives the invitation an aged appeal like an old photograph. Whatever you choose, a boarder can change the look and feel of your invitation. Our boarder selections are sure to make you invitation stand-out and represent the exact kind of wedding you’re hosting.

steampunk border
Steampunk border example


An array of steampunk fonts are available for your use. The five most popular are used in our ready-made invitations: Victorian Parlor, Salazar, Hemera, Great Victorian and Steampunk. But if you are more adventurous, more than fifteen fonts are at your disposable. Mix and match them as much as you want in your invitation.


Steampunk fonts have a variety of fonts such as the Clockwork font encasing gears and clocks within its letters. The Steampunk fonts embrace the technology of the steam era with all of its mechanical parts and tools.


If you prefer a more traditional, extravagant look, Victorian fonts might be more of what you’re looking for. Victorian fonts plastered the covers of store fronts, newspaper ads and dining establishments back in the day. To add this vintage look, we have a variety of late-eighteenth century fonts that will appeal to you. Fonts spice up and add flavor to your invitations. The Steampunk fonts add a touch of whimsy to the card and enliven the imagination.  Victorian fonts recreate an old-world feel and a sense of wonder. Here is a popular site for free fonts.

Victorian Parlor Font
Victorian Parlor Font


The right colors will make all the difference to the look and feel of your invitation, therefore, you’ll want to put some thought into the colors. Color combinations can be anything. Choose from your wedding colors to a more traditional sepia coloring of aged blacks and browns found in turn-of-the-century photos. Each ready-made template comes with complimentary color schemes designed by our artists. They hand-picked specialized color combinations that follow the Steampunk genre. You can add or delete background and font coloring as you choose to make your invitation exactly as you desire.

Steampunk colors
Steampunk color example



A number of templates are available for you to add to your invitation. Whether it be your wedding registry or links to popular cosplay websites for guest costumes, we have you covered. With a variety of templates to assist you in all of your informational needs, you’ll be set.

Wedding Invitation Example
Wedding Invitation Example

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